Celebrating Portland Public Schools Bond Projects!

Portland residents voted to pass several bonds that have added modern accommodations to its major educational facilities, while keeping their historic features. Stagecraft, a Portland based company since 1960, is proud to be a part of these monumental projects.

Franklin High School

Franklin High School

Roosevelt High School

Roosevelt High School

Grant High School

Grant High School

McDaniel (Madison) High School

McDaniel (Madison) High School

Benson Polytechnic High School

Benson Polytechnic High School

Great Experience

I wouldn’t mind building another theater just to have the opportunity to work with Stagecraft again.


Project Manager

Exceptional Rigging

The rigging work that has been performed by Stagecraft has been exceptional. We have enjoyed working with you and your crews. They have been timely and professional.

Bank of America Performing Arts Center

Interim DIrector

Experts in the Business

Our district places a very high priority on safety and we are always looking for opportunities to do a better job. The service your company provides us in maintaining our stages is highly valued and we hope to build on that by continuing the safety training each year.

Beaverton Schools

Risk Manager

Great Job!

The drapery and track are exactly what we needed. Our timeline was short and the Stagecraft Team delivered. Thanks for all your hard work to make this project a success.

Susan Blevins

Project Manager, Nike Interiors

ETCP Certified

Stagecraft is an ETCP Recognized Employer, committed to reduce risk and promote workplace safety.

Stagecraft agrees to abide by these Best Practices:

  • Utilize ETCP Certified Electricians in management/lead/supervisory positions.
  • Utilize ETCP Certified Technicians where appropriate.
  • Promote electrical safety and safe practices in venues where we work.
  • Encourage and support continuing education/training for renewal of ETCP credentials.
  • Promote honesty and integrity to ensure electrical systems meet industry standards.
  • Support industry initiatives to further electrical safety and research to promote safer venues.



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