Stage-Scope - Retractable Stage

The Stage-Scope is a complete, fully retractable stage which has served educational, community and hospitality facilities for many years.  The flexibility and space saving design makes it a practical addition to your multi-purpose space.

Available in four sizes, it comes with stage lighting, curtains, and an elevated platform that all stores within a pocket when not in use.  It can be extended and ready to go in 20 minutes!  The Stage-Scope is the answer to the challenges of the multi-purpose space.

Please contact a representative to help customize your order, receive additional specifications, and color cards.

See the set-up progression below

Stage Curtains
Retractable Stage For School Gym

Class Act Performer

Stagecraft’s Class Act Performer product allows for a stage to perform multiple functions also. Check out the description and photos at the link below.



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