Stage Rigging Inspections

Theatrical Rigging Inspections

Stagecraft provides inspections of your stage rigging equipment to keep in compliance with OSHA 1926.550(a)(6) requirement. According to this requirement, a thorough, annual inspection of the hoisting machinery shall be made by a competent person, or by a government or private agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor.  The employer shall maintain a record of the dates and results of inspections for each hoisting machine and piece of equipment.

The inspection is a formal, visual inspection of the readily accessible parts of the rigging system components. This is an important process that can be effective in identifying hazardous conditions and unsafe behaviors in the stage area.

Inspection Criteria

  • Manufacturers specifications
  • National Building, Fire and Safety Codes including UBC, IBC, BOCA,
  • NFPA and OSHA
  • Government and District Regulations
  • Industry Standards and guidelines
  • Inspector’s professional experience and extensive company history

We will review the age, condition, and installation quality of the existing equipment.  In addition, we look for operator adjustments or uses of the system that may affect the safe operation of the stage rigging.

We will also look for clues to determine if the current operational procedures might compromise the safety of the operator, the equipment, or anyone onstage.


  • Blocks
  • Cable
  • Terminations
  • Guides
  • Rope
  • Fire Curtains
  • Tracks
  • Scenic Elements
  • Stage Curtains
  • Motors
  • Lighting Fixture Hanging


The process begins by determining basic size, use and complexity of the system through a questionnaire based discussion.  Following that information gathering, we will prepare a quotation specific to your theatre.

Most inspections can be completed in one day, though larger systems may require more time.  Within 30 days of the inspection, a detailed written report and accompanying photographs will be provided.

We will provide a system outline, technical findings, and recommendations for repairs or replacement if required.  Any preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance issues will be explained

A few of the issues we've found over the years

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Operator Training

The single most important safety element for any machinery is the proper and documented training of the operators.  This class covers theory, practical and safe system operation as well as how to hang things properly from the rigging system.  This is a great value when combined with an inspection and can help protect the facility managers in the event of an accident.

Why would I need a lighting inspection?

Auditoriums often have 400 Amps of electrical power supply to energize the lighting dimming system alone. This power is distributed throughout the auditorium by miles of electrical wire and thousands of connections.

The theatrical lighting fixtures utilize bulbs from 500watts to over 2000 watts that can produce high heat conditions. Amps/Miles/Watts and other unique theatrical lighting applications combine to create a number of possible workplace hazards that should be reviewed and managed.

An incident involving a component failure of either system above can be significant. Safety Hazard Analysis matrix use indicates a relatively low probability of occurrence, but a serious and life-threatening severity should one occur.

Why would I need a rigging inspection?

Stage rigging equipment contains loadbearing equipment overhead that is subjected to varying amounts of use, neglect, and in some cases abuse.

With all hoisting machinery, there are requirements to have records of annual inspections by a qualified professional and accompanying maintenance records There is a moral and legal obligation to ensure that equipment overhead of unsuspecting people is safe.

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