Image for SOKA University of America Performing Arts Center

SOKA University of America Performing Arts Center

Mark Baker Russell Music Building - Lagerquist Hall

Three-level performing arts center housing a 1000-seat auditorium, support areas, and a reception lobby.

The multipurpose concert hall features a tension-grid complete with motorized line-sets which suspend a motorized truss batten, the vertical height of which can be varied. The upper perimeter is enclosed by motorized variable acoustic curtains which can be “tuned” to accommodate various performances. The stage area has a full stage curtain setting complete with border, mid-stage traveler, cyclorama curtains and masking leg curtains.

A black box area features a 64 ft x 64 ft tension grid with perimeter black velour leg curtains, cyclorama and leno curtains.

Architect ZGF Architects

Consultant Auerbach-Pollock-Friedlander

Contractor Absher Construction



5051 N Lagoon Ave
Portland, OR 97217


5503 6th Ave South
Seattle, WA 98108