Arcadia High School

This performing arts center features spaces for both large and small productions. The 1,200 seat performance venue has both motorized acoustic panels in the house to assist in tuning the room. Onstage fourteen hoists move all of the curtains, lighting, and orchestra enclosure elements. The onstage hoists allow for programmable… Read More

SOKA University of America Performing Arts Center

Three-level performing arts center housing a 1000-seat auditorium, support areas, and a reception lobby. The multipurpose concert hall features a tension-grid complete with motorized line-sets which suspend a motorized truss batten, the vertical height of which can be varied. The upper perimeter is enclosed by motorized variable acoustic curtains which… Read More

Carmel High School Theater

This beautiful 300 seat theatre features Stagecraft’s curtains, wire tension grid, pipe grid and rigging.  The tension grid over the entire stage allows students to hang and focus stage lights without the use of ladders or lifts.  The variable acoustic curtains in the auditorium can “tune” the room for the… Read More

Pacific Lutheran University

This magnificent 535 seat music venus, located on the Tacoma campus, can have the acoustics “tuned” by adjusting the side and rear curtains. Programmable presets allows the owners to set up the room for a solo pianist or full orchestra within minutes with the push of a button. We worked… Read More



5051 N Lagoon Ave
Portland, OR 97217


5503 6th Ave South
Seattle, WA 98108